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Motorcycle Tours have been suspended until further notice

CoVid19 Impact

Dear Valued Customers and Thrill Seekers,

Please note due to the CoVid19 Pandemic and Social Distancing Laws and Advice, we have suspended ALL motorcycle tours until further notice in order to protect the safety and health of our valued community.

We wish you all the very best health to you and your loved ones and will announce in due course when our tour service will be back so we can once again showcase our beautiful harbour city and surrounds.

Take care and look after each other

JB Director
September, 1, 2019. 10:11 AM

Established in 2012, Onboard Events offers unique pillion tour experiences to both domestic and overseas visitors. With a variety of Superbike and Supernaked class motorcycles, you can make your way to visit Sydney's iconic and stunning coastal sites and tou ...

September, 1, 2019. 10:13 AM
Sydney Sportsbike Motorcycle Tours

Onboard's Sydney Sportsbike Motorcyle Tour experiences offers a different way of seeing the sites offered by the beautiful coastal city of Sydney. With the choice of night OR day rides available, passengers will be undoubtedly le ...

Seeking adventure, creating thrilling memories

Whether its buzzing around a race track or out on the open road, Onboard Events has something just for you. Word of warning...just be prepared to smile....

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20AUG2016 – Gong RNP Day Ride

Smooth rider. Really fun through some of the twisty sections. Beautiful coastline views and awesome roads and beaches.

Lunch stop off was amazing.

Looking forward to another ride, perhaps through the city at night

Thanks so much!

Mr Luke fm Sacramento CA USA

08SEP2015 – Sydney City Tour

“As a Mom of a 13 year old son who likes the wild side of life, I was concerned about his safety and whether or not he would be able to handle this kind of experience.  Not only did Jonel text me to let me know that all was a ok but he sent pictures during their trip.  Also, Jonel was prepared with the right equipment, highly rated helmet and gear.  Even before he began the ride, he took as much time needed to explain the bike, what would happen at turns and had him practice hopping off and on.  My son had the most amazing experience and since Jonel knows the city so well, he saw so much in Sydney.  I think next time, I’ll have to give it a try too.”

Michelle, Mother of a 13 year old son.

08SEP2015 – Sydney City Tour

“Best BMW motorcycle ride ever.  Every part of the ride, Jonel communicated very well to ensure safety was first and that I was having a great time.  During the four hour ride, I felt comfortable and was able to see Sydney in a way that brought everything a step closer than being in a boring bus or car!  Can’t wait to do it again!”

PJ 13 years old fm San Francisco CA USA

15APR2014 – Sydney City Evening Tour

That is my first time with motobike so I feeling so excited. JB is a safe rider so I could concentrate on whole experience with no worry. Enjoyed so much and fun to communicate with each other when on the bike. It got raining that time so not good for view because a little cold hahaha. Lucky we wear all the warm gear. I think it may get most of wonderful if the weather was nice that time. Will go again when I come back! Highly recommend!

Ms Mary Nguyen HCM City VN

Our experience with onboard was simply amazing, JB looked after us from the moment we met! A safety conscious rider… where the first ever pillion ride jitters was soon replaced with smiles as we moved around the city. Highly recommended.

So good!! What an experience