So its the thrill of being on two wheels that appeals to you eh? Which part would that be?

The sheer power that pumps out of a 1000cc modern day machines? The exhilaration of being on the back of a bike going around corners?

The pure sense of freedom being on two wheels with no doors, windows or roof giving you a visual feast of your surrounds?

Surely you mean its a combination of all the above!?

No need to worry if this your first time on the back of a motorbike, Onboard will go through a passenger briefing with you in what to expect, the do’s and don’ts whilst being on the back and focus on your comfort before setting off. Not only must you listen carefully to instructions and but importantly … follow these through.

With years experience in riding motorcycles of various capacities, make and styles, having raced competitively at the track and also journeyed on many road trips, Onboard knows what brings a wide eyed and toothly grin to a face.

To further enhance your experience, there is a rider to passenger communication system present so not only are you given a verbal heads up of what sites to look out for but passengers are able to give live feedback to the rider.