With the campaign first round complete, who is where and what has happened...?!!

WED26AUG2020 The campaign story so far..

All players having now completed their first round, the narrative story slowly unfolds. Some interesting and surprising outcomes were had. With plenty of heroic and foul deeds committed by all factions, supported with lots of laughs, I must thank and congratulate the group for helping create an enjoyable and inclusive campaign group, which has been a joy to organise and watch with the hobby slowly (kind of) growing. *Most are exercising control while others have hilariously given in to the plastic crack addiction, screaming they can quit at any time, all the while scheming to what other armies they can collect... The map showed here is a pictured snapshot of proceedings to date and a link to "The story so far" Props to all participants and look forward to seeing you on SAT29AUG2020 Enjoy.
SAT11JUL2020 Slow Grow Campaign - Zach vs Besz


Papenia had seen many years of uninterrupted and peaceful growth. Even the forces of the Imperium had grown disinterested in the settlement that had developed here. Though once an Agriworld, now a slowly turned low level Hive World, there was a large and diverse mix of resources on the planet, both surface and below, enough for those that inhabited the planet. Perhaps it was this natural sense of calm that had overtaken the Ork’s usually brutish mindset, even within close proximity of the Tau

What was it they were up too?

SAT11JUL2020 Slow Grow Campaign - Corey vs Lloyd


Warboss Gootly and Rork had landed on Bropidor, keen to cause mayhem to this Hiveworld and claim all the plunder for his new Klan. They had intended to refit and resupply here so they could mount more daring raids through this sector. Motivated by the number of other Warbosses in the vicinity who were claiming devestating victories, Gootly and Rork made sure his Scribgit followed and captured all the glorious moments he and his Klan had made. The uncoded comms excerpt was intercepted giving in small insight to what the greenskins had encountered,
SAT11JUL2020 Slow Grow Campaign - Ant vs Noa

Up the lines YA GITZ!

This recently abandoned Hive world had left behind some important salvageable resources and equipment which would serve well to Mortdalis Prime’s emergence. With such an abrupt operation to move the populace that entire foundries and factories were left barren yet still warm and a prime candidate for the Admech of AMXXVII to sift through. This led the increased interest from other fossickers keen to mobilise and militarise any suitable parts and machinery. Small talk and whispers indicated an item of great importance could be found here. One that the eyes of Chaos were scouting for and for the Imperialist must prevent from being uncovered by the dark gods. Intel came through that only war would certainly ensue. Such activity was all the more enticing for Muzzlekrumpa...
SAT11JUL2020 Slow Grow Campaign - Andrew vs Ben

No Distance too Far

These Terran Warriors had been dispatched from the old world as a beacon of hope to the troubled system. Yes, Astartes and Militarum had presence but the Custodes message was clear - NO distance was out of reach for the defenders of the Emperor. Still, the number of disturbances was escalating at an uncomfortable rate in this sector. News that a Space Wolf and Flesh Tearers recon outfit on different planets had been bested and comms lost. Any news of cultists activity must now be taken in full seriousness. Junarerma mass production had been halted and apart from the last garbled transmission, Astraana VoxComs Telco Towers fell silent. Both had reports of cultist activity in the proceeding years. Time to seek and destory
SAT11JUL2020 Slow Grow Campaign - Edwin vs Austen

Astraana's Message

The scout pack had seen enough. The incursion into Astraana was initially blanketed by the Maiden worlds dense vegetation and craggy cavernous peaks. Renegade forces were setting base amid the lush jungles and mountainous ranges and growing in numbers. Astraana's land masses layered like natural forming deep setting cinder blocks complete with micro atmospheres and mini habitats making a target for concealment to the stubborn. Precious time now passing by to warn the others and share the freshly gathered intel.
SAT11JUL2020 Slow Grow Campaign - Adnan vs G

Discovery on the Agriworld of Junarerma

The Agriworld of Junarerma hosts an industrialised superfarm network of abattoirs rich with meat production and bio-products. It is vital in its role to feed the many dependent mouths not just in this sector, but beyond. The last but brief voxcast was a desperate plea for help from its capital. Its sheer graveness has enlisted a small vanguard force from the Flesh Tearers to determine the true severity. The mission simple. Determine the cause of silence. Annihilate the threat. Do so by any means.
03JUL2020 Ultima Segmentum


+ +RECEIVED: **DEPACT xmsn cnfrmd
+ +DESTINATION: BMBvoxcast_77G
+ +DATE: 5.507.210.M42+/-
+ +TELEPATHIC DUCT: Multi Rcvd*distressbeaconverified*checkTLX-auth.launch
+ +REF: FW/2106MORT0155524062020/LA
+ +AUTHOR: *encryption*
+ +MESSAGE: Emperor Protects. Need Hammer. Need Scalpel. Sector in Peril. Daemonic Beast now roam free. ParvusII GONE.
+ +MESSAGE: Contact Lost HW Mortdalis ParvusI. Surrounded by Warp Energy. Heavy Traitor Presence. Scout pict ftg atx


26JUN2020 Ultima Segmentum


+ +RECEIVED: **DEPACT xmsn cnfrmd
+ +DATE: 5.501.210.M42+/-
+ +TELEPATHIC DUCT: Multi Rcvd*unverified*checkTLX-auth.error
+ +REF: FW/2106MORT0155524062020/LA
+ +AUTHOR: *encryption*
+ +SUBJECT: TU Sector Warning
+ +MESSAGE: Heavy warp disruption / intense psychic strength. Increased activity Traitor Incursionmirrored by lesser Daemon movement observed. Recon pict ftg atx