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With a long history in collecting miniatures from The Games Workshop / Citadel miniatures, we are proud to bring this fun and unique hobby into our pages of operation. I remember catching the train all the way out to the Tin Soldier in Blacktown just to get my mini fix. And now we have our very own LGS just down the road. Hells Yeah


Together with our friends at The Combat Company in Mortdale, we're starting a Warhammer 40,000 Slow Grow movement. This is where a newbie can get together with budding and seasoned fellow hobbyists, who are keen on narrative gaming and painting aspects, to build paint and game their war bands and battle forces at a relaxed time frame.

With a mix of veteran and inexperienced hobbyist in our Slow Grow growing group, there are various levels of skills and experience to learn and lean on.

There will be wholesome painting sessions, with beginner classes and tutorials) as well as a Narrative Campaign for those keen to put there new armies into an immersive and fun interactive story line.

If you look carefully you may even find a link to our narrative campaign that we've started for funsies.

*Please do note that this is an environment for narrative fluff, social gaming and painting sessions. Its our aim to avoid the meta and leave that for the tourney peeps who love creating lists of total destruction and mayhem*

Do not come at us with your Sadhammer with the notion to table everyone off the battle field.

If you've ever had a thought of getting into Warhammer 40,000 and would like to be a part of an inclusive group then we encourage you check out our dedicated slow grow page. You can make contact by email to express your interest, via the provided link below

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