Onboard recognises that not everyone will fancy the aggressive positioning of a modern day superbike and so is able to offer an alternative style that some find more comfortable, especially on distance tours. It may even be a case of wanting to try something new.

So when making your booking, ask to see whats available for you to jump on. A powerful naked upright… or a road going version of a superbike.


Need safety Gear?

If you dont have your own safety gear, you’ll be able to hire from a selection of Onboard Events’ basic protective equipment available including helmet, jacket and gloves.

All you need to do is advise us at the time of your booking that you require some or all the safety gear previously mentioned and the sizing needed which give you best fit and comfort. It is required by

law to at least have a helmet before you jump on the back but being safety conscience, Onboard insists that helmet, gloves, jacket, and fully-enclosed footwear is the bare minimum we would like to see

you in before we set off. Please do not hesitate to make mention any questions that you may have.