After a desperate voxcast was jettisoned from Mortdalis Parvis II, the planet was devoured by the tentacles of Chaos as a violent warp tear ripped through its very fabric and engulfed the surface with foul demons. The consumed souls of the MPII fuelled the ruinous powers to extend a tendril of terror to the Agriworld of Junarerma, where the innocent populous was laid to near slaughter. Through the valiant effort of the Flesh Tearers in creating a diversion, the Khorne deity was temporarily stopped from summoning more of its blood thirsty kin but the Astartes scout forces were tragically lost. The fate of the planet and post activity of dark gods after the removal of the Space Marines now hang in the balance as survivors now frantically beacon for help.

On the neighbouring maiden planet of Astraana, a recon pack from the Wolves of Fenris were deployed to scout reports of renegade activity. It was quickly confirmed that the planet had been significantly seeded with traitorous incursion, hidden deep between the multilayered surfaces, focused on making base to a planet with strategic communication values. Had it not been for the heroic deeds from the sons of Russ, some key intel would not have been released. The last stand of the wolves had allowed enough time for crucial messages to be sent. How many and to whom is unknown but their last actions may prove valuable.

The envoy of Custodes sent to eradicate the cultists on Ariaoin had uncovered the planet was too far gone and could not be saved. This planet was self-destructing NOT by the hands of the dark gods feeding their insatiable appetite for souls, but a thriving world loyal only to that of the hive mind. Such was the infestation that the cult society was not so secret. After numerous attempts to capture and sever the head of the Xenos had failed, valuable time could not be further wasted. The planet underwent Exterminatus and the golden warriors quickly move on with urgent purpose. After their hasty departure, a small mining craft had perilously made a warp bump out of the vector fields in a miraculous attempt at escaping the obliteration of the once life teeming planet, its tracking beacon vanishing as Ariaoin disintegrated in on itself.

Keen to make use of the sector disruption, get more loot and establish the pecking order throughout the Klan’s, Ork packs had invaded Meraam IX, Bropidor and Papenia. Though suffering casualties of war, the Ork’s had successfully dispatched and removed incumbent forces off their target planets of Meraam IX and Bropidor. Only the Tau forces on Papenia, now on high alert for revenge attacks, had repelled the green skin invasion. The simple taste of bloodshed for the horde has renewed the excitement to their masses, as they begin to plan new and numerous ‘ead bashing’s.

Through careless activity, the Orks had unwittingly awoken servant nests of the ancient C’tan, who’s protocols were now filled with vengeance. Glyphs were reanimated throughout the sector as a direct result of the disturbances, awaking those who slumbered. A Necrontyr tomb was infiltrated and a precious artifact was opportunely stolen. The illuminated now incensed with rage to recover their possession and exterminate the culprits…

Bursting through a warp opening, remnants of an unknown Aeldari Craftworld made its last-ditch effort to escape the bowels of the Immaterium. Tendrils of pure evil lashing at its aft and stripping away sections with perverse caress before the ship broke free. The stricken vessel’s seers desperately cloaking their beleaguered craft, crew hoisting sail and leant heavily on the solar winds to push the craft to safety. A small contingent of warriors made for Xiova 192 and were met by a purposeful force of Raptors Astartes who, just like other Marine Chapters sent to this sector, were seeking answers to Renegade activity and the location of both Parvus Planets. The Emperors finest had noted that the Xenos were not initially hostile but rather more suspiciously more focused on other matters. It was only when the Xenos become seemingly active in ritual did the Astartes kick forward, learning that fellow brothers from the Flesh Tearers had succumbed to a similar scenario. The Aeldari were reluctantly forced to vacate. Marines now puzzled to what real purpose the fleeing forces were up to, rcvd comms to alleviate an entrenched Militarum force on the Planet of Pigo being hounded by Nightlords. The guard had survived the first onslaught, with the overly confident renegades Marines clearly underestimating the resolve of Major Helstrom’s experienced men, who’s duty was to protect a key asset, now within their ranks and appearing a little unstable…

So it onto the next round. Who’s cuisine will reign supreme!?!

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