This recently abandoned Hive world had left behind some important salvageable resources and equipment which would serve well to Mortdalis Prime’s emergence. With such an abrupt operation to move the populace that entire foundries and factories were left barren yet still warm. This led the increased interest from fossickers keen to make some minor adjustments to militarise the left behinds. There was indication of an item of great importance. One that had eyes of Chaos were scouting for, of which must never be uncovered by the dark gods and intel came through that only war would certainly ensue.

Noa-XXVII/98av had surveyed Meraam IX planetary beacon alarm for some time before finally deciding to make way to the surface. Another trip sensor adjustment perhaps. The atmosphere had been very sporadic in stability. Kicking up acid storms and most recently EMP gusts that were not good for progress. This had intermittently given false readings and alarms but now erring on a more regular occurrence. Frustrating. These alarms caused great pause in the search of gear to ensure that perimeters would not be over-run and the small task force overwhelmed by those that sought to profit from the land. Though this time movement had been confirmed out the outskirts on the plaza wall and the activity was more than what raiders and bounty looters would project.

Noa-XXVII/98av signalled for her trusted ranger squad to ready the Arquebus teams and the proceeded to binary link up with Ngy-XII/20sd, instructing to gather munition and power up for scout duties.

Out behind the scattered city walls, from covered positions, the AMXXVII teams made out the all too familiar silhouettes of Ork. Their numbers swelling to an alarming size … and would seem were in the mood for a fight.

Muzzlekrumpa Gutgrazz had been waiting for this day. Skrap dem oomies n mayk ov wid da plunda. Sum da tek gajet stuv looks ‘ard as. Lez go bash sum sensa tings. FLUZZ EM OWT!.

As he cunningly started to flank the enemy, getting close to the first lines of combat, Muzzlekrumpa realised that there were long barred rifles pointed right at his skull and quickly made towards the centre of the plaza. Not becoz I woz skared, coz I smat! Not known for the subtlety, the Greenskins hurriedly trudged right up the middle, trying to take advantage of the plentiful cover available but were met by a striding walker, intercepting the group before they could gain more ground. It was a valiant effort but an all too easy target for Gutgrazz who cut down the walker with ease who had freshly avoided being sniped, led his boyz and had turned to focus on the “lil oomie wiz lotz of armz”

As Noa-XXVII/98av close combat protocols began to hit overdrive, the massive boss landed a thunderous chop which tore through the dominus’s body. This enraged Ork was about to strike the killing blow when the AMXXVII teams finally brought to bear the guns and dispatched Gutgrazz in a hail of fire power at a distance, clearly seeing that the beast was just that, a beast in close combat. Amid the explosions and carnage, the tech priest’s remains were recovered and remnants of the felled Warboss were never recovered, though many of his clan members littered the cityscape.

For such an attack like this, it was time for the Mechanicus to get a move on.