So we’s came in da fastest coz we de evil sunz, lookin’ for some dam umies to fight coz fightins wat uz orks duz best. Me bein’ Warboss Gootly and Rork new dem wekling umies were around dis stinking planet sumwhere an in need of a good thumpin’. Afta we came down from the Battlekruza we’s was thrashin around on uz’ warbikes goin real fast coz we’s from da Evil Sunz Klan.

Der wernt not dam git umies around to thump.

Then wadda ya knos, I bein’ the biggest smratest ork there spots sum shiny bits that me mekboys could use ta make me bike even betta. We’z jus’ startin ta go thru the shineys and then BAMM! Them stuffin Tin Heads show up, so I thinks we’z gunna take that fancy one wif tha green eye in da centa of its face to put on da front of me bike. So we’z do wat we’z do az Orks and goes all speedy like to thump these Tin Head gitz an den me boiz start getting thumped. So ther I iz being the biggest baddest ork thumpin tin eads all by myself and suddenly theyz goez and vanishes, all sneaky like jus like dem purple kommandoz boiz. Tipical dat dem clanky tin eads runz from me all scared like.

So I finks dat itz time I got all da boyz down ere to start thumpin everyone. Get us dis ere lots ov lootz!