Junarerma’s last transmission was a desperate plea for help from its capital. With the voxcast cut short, it was clear the cause of its abrupt silence had moved swiftly. To put quiet to such a well-developed farming world without any of its orbital warning sensors detecting threat, meant it must of fallen foul to an infestation within or unnatural forces at play. It was the playback’s screams of terror before the cut in transmission that was overlayed by a grossly audible butchering and roars of delight that drove the urgency to investigate by the Astartes Flesh Tearer Chapter.

As the drop pod descended through Junarerma’s atmosphere, Adnan Seth’s Autosenses relay began emitting stronger pulse signals at a rapid rate. “Not good” The lieutenant gruffed. Experience knew that such feedback could only come from the aural powers of the Dark Gods. The giveaway being the contrast in the helmet’s display interface at an increased and reversed hue. As the noise of retro thrusters faded and the landing pads fell silent after giving that sharp familiar thud, there was an eerie sense of still. This made the pinging of autosenses all the more louder throughout the squads. The excited anticipation growing in each of the Marines as they welcomed the rabid rage boiling within.

As the gas vacuum cleared and the doors burst open, Seth’s battle brothers hasted into the Superfarm factory manifold. The Austosenses were flipped to silent as there was no mistake of where the focus was located. Before being muted, the hard pinging was close to a flat line sound due to the many radiant blips on the scanplan. Following their Lieutenant into the open butcher tables of the Rahstaad slaughterhouse gave line of sight to what was clearly an altar. The Flesh Tearers fanned out in efficient coherency, taking up vantage points targeting the Chaos Shrine. Though now the autosenses blips had all but disappeared, there was visible marks of Khorne etched in char and blood on the altar’s floor, emanating a crimson glow around a Khorne summoning circle. Masses of skulls, fresh from slaughter littered all over this disgusting Dias.

Fury coursed through the very being of Seth, for he now gazed upon the smouldering Herald of Khorne, a top of the alter, clawing at glyphs and guttural in chatter, deep in ritualistic prayer.

BAHBOVF!! Successive bolt rounds rang out, finding their mark with Seth’s deadly accuracy, deep into the neck of the Bloodmaster. Though gravely wounded, M’aehg’haârcxhtxz (*Matt in old Terran tongue) ceased its chant and turned to face these annoyances, unphased by the gaping holes caused by the Dragonfire shells. This Daemon’s stare down was filled with malicious intent and gave signal for the bloodletters to leap forward at the now counter charging Astartes. Initially catching the Flesh Tearers off guard by the sheer speed in which they bounded from the shadows, the elite on field vanguard experience of these proven battle brothers ensured a blood bath, as demonic beings where shredded in droves, that is, until the Bloodcrushers blew threw the walls and into the lines of the Marines.

Brutally savaged by the onslaught, the Astartes squads were picked off with sickening ease by the hard charging menaces. The hammer was blindsided by the anvil.

It was at this moment that the Bloodmaster sprang forward with unnatural swiftness, cutting a swathe of death through the marine ranks and into the chest of Seth’s power armour. The blade of blood eased through Ceramite, Adamantium and Plasteel just as easily as it did flesh and bone.

With such a slaughter, a blood hunt was now in full swing. The number of dead here were far too few to sate the now throbbing deep murderous lust of the Blood God. The altar abandoned as the daemonic forces sought out more skulls across this now stricken world.

ALL must be collected.