The beautiful lush surrounds of Astraana brings back lost memories of wonder and awe to the descendants of the Eldarfolk. These worlds, once common to this System, are now a rare feature across the galaxy. Rare enough that the Soucros system has the only remaining three in the Ultima Segmentum. With an abundance of unique precious life and long history predating the formation of Terra, Astraana and her two sisters were spared the industrial movement that is destined for most major planets here to jettison the Imperium out beyond the fringes of Charadon.

Such worlds offer a far greater reach in communication. Void of any EMP and Psychic interference emitted by the radiative creations of Xenos and Imperium civilisations, messages flow with minimal disruption to and from neighbouring sectors. Perched high on the craggy mountain peak of Illraan nests the Imperial Comms Towers, set neatly among the coniferous woodland now blanketed in snow. It is here, that the Space Wolves of Olaf Trollbane make steady. Vital intel confirming presence of Traitor incursion, current positions, force strengths and the imminent arrival of additional Renegades needed to be broadcast. All the hallmarks were present throughout the ruined City of Inderaan, the only inhabited zone of Astraana. Its loyalist effigies had been torn from their stands and replaced with glyphs of Heresy commonly linked to the Black Legion. The remaining inhabitants who had survived the initial onslaught now stapled to the walls, a good 10 foot from the ground. Suspended by long metal stakes that pinned them rudimentarily into place. No mercy was spared.

As the snow grew heavier, Trollbane sensed the emanating heat signatures from beyond the clearing giving reason to cause of why the air had suddenly clouded so thickly. Little evidence was left of their Stormraven. Before a word was spoken, the Fenrisian pack surged forward to the eastern tower. Trollbane’s Thunderwolf spurred on in immediate pursuit. As the pack bolted around the trees, their blinding speed made short work in covering the distance into the flanks of the Heretic Astartes, focused on setting charges to the comms block. Before their bolters could be raised, the Fenrisian’s had already started tearing into the ranks. Sporadic bolter fire was silenced with the frost blade claiming victim after victim., upon the arrival of the Thunderwolf.

The Renegades numbers dwindled and were in peril of being swept aside. The air then violently crackled as daemonic energy blasted forward and smote the Thunderwolf rider. Caustic powers of Chaos freely lashed around the torn gash that was once protected by Trollbane’s storm shield. Wolfen beast were cast aside, bodies broken snapping like small twigs as the greater possessed closed ranks with the Master of Possession, who was already generating more Psychic destruction. The two relished the chance once again in causing suffering, pain, and death. Even better that it was to these deceived fools. Death was all but certain for this realm.

“This tower is compromised, make ready the other and send the message. DO NOT FAIL.”

The Space Wolf Intercessors made towards the remaining western Tower. Their battle leader clear in his instructions. Their warning message had to go. The comms tower painfully slow in the frigid cold, reluctantly groaning to make heading, as directed by the coordinates entered.

As the final digits were entered, a fleeting glance back over to the eastern tower gave sight to Trollbanes head being detached from his body… and the treasonous group that were now making their way across to the remaining loyalist.