Located on the outer fringes of the Ultima Segmentum lies the Forgeworld of Mordalis Prime. It is here in the Charadon Sector of 7G, the Imperium is developing a bastion in which to stamp a strong foothold within the outer reaches of the galaxy and become an imperial gateway among the stars. Planned as a central point of Imperial convergence, Mortdalis Prime’s initial construction blueprint includes the facilities to repair and refit war machines of the Titanicus, provide a well-equipped space port to refuel and re-arm battle fleets and replenish energy stores. In order to avoid another Ichar IV style incursion (which left the planet of Ichar IV stripped bare of a once thriving industrial centre), Mortdalis Prime’s location is nestled within the Soucros System meaning that even the likes of the once far distant Macragge can be reached and supported in their missions to eradicate the Nurgle blight. Bordering  key homeworlds of Mancora, Newfound, Talon and the Rock are in relative close proximity in this sector. The neighbouring Knight Worlds of Orestes and Kolossi giving some further deterrent to openly brazen Xenos and Heretic attacks . Surrounding Agriworlds provide plentiful supply and the Forgeworlds of Accatran and Estaban System offer a needed support network.
With such heavy labour force required, the Ardentus Logisticus was given the colossal freight task of moving equipment across the supply chain to start the process. To relay the mass data and keep everyone and everything in check and well co-ordinated, high ranking Astra Astronomica representatives were deployed to bolster the communication lines.

Such investment has drawn keen attention from the Chaos Gods… and uncovered a surprising potential boon for the lurking ruinous powers…

What started off as some small cultist activity within the sector soon became a focal point for the Chaos Gods. 6 unsuspecting corruptible warp conduits were discovered and tainted in preparation to open a gateway into real space.
A small but extremely powerful warp tear had been created with the complete sacrifice of Hiveworld Mortdalis ParvusII, started by the ritualistic murder of the entire city Calleigh by enraptured mass cultists lurking in mass numbers among the population. At the head was one of these traitorous conduits on the planet itself, who then manifested the warp and set course to consume the entire planet, to the screams of billions of damned souls, cleverly muted by a mirrored Psychic warp pulse sent by outreach of the Chaos Gods from the Dark Maw.
From this tear a trickle of death permeated into the system and subsequently turned out more foul chaos creatures pouring deep from within the daemon realms, causing destruction throughout their marauding blood thirst.
The Dark Gods have since cast forward relics in which to bait and arm the traitor chapters and sent daemonic forces with the sole aim to take full advantage of this vortex in a scheme to open a much larger permanent portal to reign wanton death and destruction from this new epicentre…

** Novum robiginem de dolo et morte **


This page is dedicated to the progress of each valued participant

Our members so far:-

Kishan Alpha Legion
G Chaos Daemons
Austen Chaos Space Marine
Jackson Death Guard
Adam Nightlords
Nathan K Nightlords
Ben Custodes
Adnan NFL Flesh Tearers
Edwin Space Wolves
Adam B OG IG (Astra Militarum)
Noa Adeptus Mechanicus
Tom Raptors
Vince Templars of Blood (BA)
Stuz Craftworlds
Lach N Harlequins
Izaac Dark Eldar
Besz NFL Tau
Ant J Orks
Zach Orks
Lloyd M Orks
Andrew M Genestealer Cult
Xavier Genestealer Cult
Petey Necrons
Corey Necrons
Clayton Tyranids
JB Host Faction++

and this guy – who JB has FINALLY put together and is desperately reaching out for some paints…

Soucros System – The Fate of Mortdalis Prime Warhammer 40,000 Slow Grow Campaign – MAP


Soucros System – The Fate of Mortdalis Prime Warhammer 40,000 Slow Grow Campaign


Thanks to everyone who made the first day of the Slow Grow campaign such a fun and successful get together. I was very please to see such sportmanship in game play  from the regulars to those who were having their first “real” battle. Appreciate Steve from The Combat Company in providing such an awesome venue to meet and have a few games.

We started off with peeps rolling in and chatting to each other, showing off their mini’s and then pairing some of the guys off to have a demo game. After that was done, Mr Steve ordered AND picked up delicious variations of pizza from local joint nearby. Was too busy seeing everyone enjoy themselves to take the eating happy snaps.

Then while to guys chugged down drinks and scoffed the foods, the campaign tables were layout out and players were paired off and given their missions.


The Demons of Khorne were attempting to open a warp gate but were distracted by a Flesh Tearer scout force who needed to banish the blight.

Space Wolves recon unit had gathered enough Intel to send to the imperial forces but were ambushed by the Black Legion

A Tau Hiveworld had been invaded by Ork Marauders, keen on the resources and to use Papenia as a new launching pad for attacks against everyone.

Admech were retrieviing vital machines parts and on the hunt for a relic and the Orks were keen on punching on and stealing the parts

Orks had arrived on a Hive World keen on meeting some easy prey before moving on towards imperial forces but had uncovered a Necron Tomb

Cultist were rife on Ariaoin. Their numbers would quickly be able to summon the Dark Powers, such boldness would need the Golden Warriors to put them in their place

SAT08AUG2020 Catch Up Day - For those that missed out the first get together.



Narrative Storylines so far…. All the battle updates from the first Campaign Day, in summary, completed.