The arrive and driver option is for those wishing to take it one step further. Instead of climbing in as a passenger for thrilling hot laps this option is for those wanting to get directly behind the wheel and take control of the SR3.

You will be nervous. You will be excited. You will be totally awestruck by just what the SR3 can do. You may be lucky enough to have some idea as a passenger but the sweat from your brow and the thin layer forming in the palm of your hands lets you realise that it is still thrilling to know you are just about to take control

Each driver will go through a safety briefing. The first few sessions will have each driver supervised by a qualified driving instructor and then from there…. well thats up to you.

Just make sure you bring yourself AND the car back in one piece

IF you’re behaved, we may even then take it a little further and show you what a flying lap feels like


Sounds like fun? BOOK IN THEN!!



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